Truth & Education Corporation
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In September of 2000, Truth & Education Corp. was created to provide charitable assistance to the needy, design programs that championed transparency and individual accountability. Also, to engage in other charitable and educational tax exempt activities. When successful, develop a communication network that would encourage local and worldwide participation - "Radio." The new KSAP-96.9 FM/LP - "The Breeze" radio station, began broadcasting in September 2004 providing our local communities with valuable information that has helped to empower citizens educationally, spiritually, economically, and socially.

"The Breeze Radio" 
"The Breeze Radio" serves a culturally diverse listening audience. The station airs over 3000 hours of programming each year, 50% of which is locally produced, that highlight's the diversity of our community and promotes racial and religious harmony, self-esteem, and awareness. Topics covered during the station's daily newscast, in its public affairs programming and through its public service announcements are heavily targeted to our diverse local audience. With 100 watts of operating power, the station reaches five counties in the Southeast region of Texas to the Southwest region of Louisiana. Our listening audience of more than 300,000 persons is treated to a mix of news, locally originated public affairs and a host of traditional and contemporary Gospel, Jazz, R&B, Zydeco, Latin and Vietnamese programming 24 hours a day. It is designed to be a special service of entertainment, information, educational purposes and for the development of our youth in the music industry.

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Community Outreach: Sickle Cell Anemia Drive
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A simple trip to the bank ignites a DREAM!

My father, the late Walter Mosely Sr., a real estate broker and former City Councilman, once took me as a boy, to a bank while completing a real estate transaction. He told me to "take a seat and we will leave when I finish this meeting." When he left, I instantly disobeyed him and boarded the elevator then pushed the button to the top floor of the building. 

Once the doors opened, I saw a man standing behind a glass wall speaking into a microphone. I could hear a voice coming out of a small radio sitting on a table next to my opened elevator door. When I put it together that it was his voice coming out of that box (radio), It blew my mind! 

Hey, 40 years later, my dream is realized and now it is my voice and the voices of many emanating from similar boxes at our public radio station. Yes, they call me "The Flash" because I'm in and out of the studio for various reasons in a flash. Believe it or not, it still blows my mind and to this day, I continue to thank God for this gift and this tremendous responsibility to serve others.